About Felix

Green Energy Economy

Felix provides critical connector and cable assembly technology and solutions for the renewable energy industry. We firmly believe that the green energy economy is the future and are committed to promoting the use of clean energy to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability

We integrate environmental protection into our business and processes. Our products not only meet green and eco-friendly requirements but also feature high energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. We support our customers in achieving their business goals while maintaining ecological balance, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between us and the environment.

Green Supply Chain

Felix collaborates with suppliers and partners to achieve sustainable development goals. We strictly adhere to environmental regulations, promote sustainable procurement of raw materials, and drive energy efficiency and carbon emission management within the supply chain. Through these efforts, we ensure that our products meet environmentally friendly standards at every stage of the supply chain.

Zero-carbon Homes

With advanced technology, our products feature high energy conversion efficiency and low energy consumption, aiding in energy conservation and emissions reduction targets. Our goal is to provide people with comfortable and environmentally friendly living environments.

Why Us?

Felix’s value-added Service

We are focused on a small product range and your benefit is our knowledge about technologies, production processes and quality control.

  • Felix understands and meets customers’ individual requirements and we know how to listen the parts - that not spoken out as well.
  • Felix noticed all details linked to the key consequences and respects all the details, but also bring the solution from “Boutique” to “Public”
  • To actively manage and control the project is what we do always for our customers. It’s our customized service for our working partners.

Felix well languages skill teams helps customers to work together with whole world without hesitation.