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Connector & Cable Assy for Motor E-Bike

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This series of connector and cable assembly are mostly used in the motor cable of electric bicycles, electric scooters, outdoor lighting system and industrial robots


Light Electric Vehicle Waterproof Hybrid Cable

12005-TW1203 series contains 2 power pins and an option for 4 signal pins or 5 signal pins. The 5th pin is designed as a charging pin for certain e-bikes that wish to use this as a charging cable with up to 5A current.

12005-TW1205 series contains 3 power pins and an option for 6 signal pins or 7 signal pins. The mating surface for both series is an irregular hexagon shape which makes it easier to mate and un-mate compared to the round shape. Waterproof level at IP67 for both series.

Light Electric Vehicle Waterproof Cable

12005-TW1015 series have 3+3 or 3+6 power and signal pins respectively. This series adds an additional 3+7 power signal pin design and also adds motor thermal sensing. This features easy installation and provides consumers with a fool-proof mechanism. The gold-plated surface allows for greater current transfer.

Why Felix

Felix offers various connectors and cable assemblies. We can also customize the length of the cables with connectors. Our products cost much less than the average but still have the same or better performance characteristics and they are all environmentally friendly.