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Connector & Cable Assy for Display of E-Car

Application For

These series of connector and cable assembly can be used in the display system of the E-Car.


  • The HSAutoLink interconnection system includes manufacturing high-speed transmission cable technology, and network vehicles (inter-vehicle communication, vehicle information equipment and the corresponding products of telematics).
  • The rapid proliferation of in-vehicle cameras, digital resolution displays, and 24-bit color images has rapidly increased the demand for automotive bandwidth.
  • The data transmission speed reaches 5gbps, meeting higher requirements with price competitiveness.
  • Support LVDS, usb2.0, usb3.2 (5gbps) and other high-speed communication protocols, used for automotive advanced infotainment, suitable for telematics and camera equipment.

Why Felix

Felix offers various connectors and cable assemblies. We can also customize the length of the cables with connectors. Our products cost much less than the average but still have the same or better performance characteristics and they are all environmentally friendly.